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      Members of the American Postal Workers Union (APWU) are holding a National Day of Action on Thursday, May 14th - six days before their Collective Bargaining Agreement expires. Allies from the Grand Alliance to Save our Public Postal Service, which includes the Alliance for Retired Americans as well as the Coalition of Labor Union Women and many others, are being asked to help by attending an event from the Day of Action, see (for a full list of locations) and signing postcards to Postmaster General Megan Brennan saying: “I Stand With Postal Workers.”

      The “Grand Alliance” campaign is fighting for expanded and enhanced services from the U.S. Postal Service. Many of these expanded services, including postal banking, would benefit seniors and individuals with lower incomes. Reductions in postal service standards have delayed mail delivery and will close or consolidate over 80 different mail processing centers across America.

      We all know women and men are different. But did you know the symptoms we experience when we have a blockage in our heart arteries can also be different? If you’re expecting chest pain, you may be overlooking some important, less obvious symptoms. Get in touch with your heart’s signals with our CAD Symptoms Checklist.

      This is the second article we are running for National Women's Health Week, a project of the U.S. Department of Women's Health to encourage American women to make their health a top priority and take steps for a longer, healthier and happier life.
      Earlier this year, CLUW became a co-sponsor of the Spread the Word campaign, an awareness campaign for women about coronary artery disease. So it is logical this National Women's Health Week, CLUW is focusing on women and heart health and the Spread the Word campaign.
      If you missed the first Spread the Word piece we posted this week, you can find it here. Also please check the CLUW Facebook Group page for additional campaign-related postings.

      Spread the Word! Don't keep what you learn about CAD close to your chest — share it with someone close to your heart.

      CLUW is a sponsor of the Spread the Word Campaign.

      1,000+ union women who work in construction in the U.S. and Canada came together this weekend for the 5th annual event, which was the biggest to date. It started 14 years ago only for Ca. tradeswomen and has grown to this large international conference. It certainly reached its goal of providing opportunities "to network, learn skills and develop strategies to recruit, retain and advance leadership of women in construction."

      The two and a half day event featured 50 workshops and plenary sessions.

      Pictured here, at the CLUW Roundtable are IBEW/CLUW members, as well as those seeking information about CLUW and about joining it, are (standing), from the left CLUW V.P. Carolyn Williams, NEB Member Jane Templin and CLUW member Donae Osborn; (seated) Dawn Mattox; Deirdre Williams; Summer Zachary.

      The Senate finally confirmed Loretta E. Lynch yesterday (April 23rd) by a 56-43 vote to become US attorney general 166 days after President Obama submitted her nomination to Congress. The fact that this delay occurred because of the Republicans' politicizing a human trafficking bill is a disgrace.  While Loretta Lynch served as Attorney for the Eastern District of New York her district established the most active anti-trafficking record in the country. CLUW President Connie Leak remarked that , "We are very pleased that the Senate took action to confirm this extremely well qualified woman as US Attorney General, but the long wait was yet another example of how Republican senators were playing games with women's lives."

      CLUW has been active in calling for the confirmation to proceed, as evidenced by the resolution that was passed by CLUW's National Executive Board earlier this month.

      On April 9th at the NEB meeting in Jacksonville, Florida three new charters were granted to the North East PA (NEPA), Rochester – Finger Lakes and Rhode Island (not pictured) chapters.  In addition the Greater Fresno Area Chapter was chartered at the previous NEB. Congratulations to all!!

      New NEPA President, Melissa Matoushek receives chapter charter from President Connie Leak and Treasurer Judy Beard
      Kendall Bell, new president of the Rochester - Finger Lakes Chapter with other chapter members receives charter
      Carey Wilson accepts charter for the Greater Fresno Area chapter
      Participants Attended Workshops on Racism, Community Engagement and Paid Leave Campaigns and Reproductive Rights Battles in the States.

      About 100 CLUW delegates and observers met in Jacksonville, Florida to set CLUW’s agenda for the remainder of the year through committee meetings, workshops and plenary sessions from April 8-11th. Planning occurred around CLUW’s upcoming 18th Biennial Convention scheduled to take place in Sacramento, CA from November 18- 21st.  
      President Leak revved up the group by emphasizing in her report, “Remember, as we educate and encourage women to move into the seats at the table, that we are the decision makers! Our theme for the 2015 convention is: "Women: Right Time, Right Now!" This is the time to step out and step into our destiny!”

      NEB approves convention committee co-chairs

      We were pleased to be greeted by State President Patty White and Florida First Coast Chapter President Shirley Thomas.  In addition Russell Harper, President, North Florida Central Labor Council and Doris Orr-Richardson, President APWU, Florida State spoke to those assembled (see photo). Read more here.

      Earlier this month CLUW NEB delegates and observers heard a presentation by Carolyn Jacobson, Special Asst. to the CLUW Pres. on Spread the Word, an awareness campaign for women about coronary artery disease which kills more Americans than all cancers combined and is the #1 killer of women in the United States. NEB delegates endorsed the campaign already set in motion by the National Officers Council. Find the resolution here.

      From left – Helen Ramirez-Odell, Co-Chair Women’s Health and Wellness Committee, Tina Manning, Lydia Johnson, Chapter Pres. Stony Brook/L I/Suffolk County, Carolyn Jacobson, Ann Luk, Digital Marketing, CardioDx, and Shelvy Young Abrams, CLUW VP (AFT) with Spread the Word flyers.

      Also at the NEB in an effort to put CLUW’s healthy attitude in effect – CLUW walkers pictured below took to the streets and a certified personal trainer conducted indoor exercises for others.

      This year, CLUW will provide one $500.00 scholarship to each of the schools to help defray the costs of a participant to attend. Applicants must be a CLUW member or become a member by the time the application is submitted. Please click here for the application in a “WORD” version or click here for the PDF version. Applications must be submitted by Friday, May 15, 2015 to or by fax to 717.564.7491.
      More information on the schools can be found:

      UALE Announces 2015 Summer Schools for Union Women

      Every summer, the United Association of Labor Education (UALE) sponsors four regional “women’s schools.”  These residential programs typically last between 4-5 days and include classes and workshops on a variety of union-related topics. Women from all over the country and beyond learn the skills and knowledge needed to play leadership roles in their unions.  One of the most valuable aspects of the schools is the chance to meet and network with union women from around the region and beyond. This summer is the 38th year that these schools are being offered.

      Below is the listing of the schools scheduled to date and contact information.  When we have the place and dates of the Southern School, we will share it with you.

      2015 Summer Schools

      The 2015 Western Regional Institute for Union Women will take place on the Reed College Campus in Portland, OR, from June 23-27. The Coordinator is Barbara Byrd, University of Oregon LERC. Download a Save-the-Date flyer here: 2015 Western SIUW Save the Date.

      The Northeast Union Women’s Summer School will be hosted by the Labor School at Penn State and held at the Penn State University Park Campus in State College, PA.  Tentative dates for the program are July 25th-30th, 2015. For more information or to register contact Amy Dietz or Mary Bellman.

      The 2015 Midwest School for Women Workers will be held from Sunday July 19 through Thursday July 23, 2015 in Chicago, IL. The school will be hosted by the DePaul University Labor Education Center, and is being coordinated by Nora Kelley. Download the save the date flyer for the 2015 Midwest School for Women Workers here 2015 Midwest School for Women Workers Flyer.

      More than 1,000 young union members came together in Chicago March 19-22 at the AFL-CIO Third "Next Up" Young Workers' Summit. CLUW members from Philadelphia, New York and Maryland actively participated -- thanks to financial support from local CLUW, the AFL-CIO (who sponsored a Philly CLUW member to attend) and individual union sponsors.

      Dina  Yarmus (UNITE-HERE), who heads the Philadelphia CLUW Chapter's Young Workers' Committee and Erica Guerrido  (TWU. CLUW and CBTU) played prominent roles there: Dina lead a workshop with Randi Pearson (Toledo, Ohio) a member of the United Steelworkers and Women of Steel, "Organizing Around Gender Discrimination in the Workplace" and Erica was part of a panel, “Think Globally, Act Locally: The Power of Constituency Groups.”

      This article is based on Dina's written report.  Erica presented an oral report to the CLUW National Executive Board on April 10th in Jacksonville, Florida (pictured at left with National Treasurer Judy Beard). Both reports were enthusiastic and optimistic about organized labor's commitment to reach out to young workers, listen to their wants and needs and include them in development of policies and leadership.
      Dina's workshop encouraged participants “to think about how gender shaped their lives from a young age and impacts their day-to-day work experiences and industries. They also discussed concrete examples that participants were grappling with in their organizing.  This was part of an overall initiative in the AFLCIO to push participants to address challenges and barriers to leadership development of women in the labor movement and the challenges to organizing around sexism in the workplace."
      "Race and gender are central to our fight for economic justice," she observed.

      In Erica's workshop, panelists "spoke about the unique and important work that constituency groups play within the labor movement and within our communities. In this conversation they talked about how CLUW and other constituency groups introduce the importance of cultural competency as well as highlighting the important role we play expanding the consciousness about unions and the labor movement within our communities. Many exciting questions were posed about how we continue to grow our work and learn from each other in collaborative and dynamic ways."
      In her report, Dina noted that "through-out the conference, we discussed what it means to be the next generation of leaders in the labor movement. We challenged ourselves to imagine the labor movement we want to build for future generations while starting with the day-to-day realities we face in our workplaces and communities.....We wrestled questions at the root of our power as a labor movement. Where do we draw our strength? What resonated with many was our ability to draw strength and strategy from effective organizing, strategic campaigns and growing winning movements.    
      Other issues discussed included: "How are we building our influence, our sophistication in navigating and our ability to exercise our democratic rights? How are we organizing to make our political system work in the interests of working people across our communities and across our country?"
      Click here to read all of Dina's report.  

      Sisters and Brothers

      The Coalition of Labor Union Women is proud to join with more than 60 national organizations forming A Grand Alliance to Save Our Public Postal Service.

      The United States Postal Service is a national treasure, serving more than 150 million households and businesses each day. It provides affordable mail service to everyone – rich and poor, no matter how remotely located they might be.

      But that tremendous service to our communities and crucial postal jobs are threatened by those who want to profit from this great public institution being dismantled.

      You can make a difference right now. Please sign the pledge to protect the public Postal Service. You’ll be part of the fight to protect and enhance vibrant public postal services now and for many generations to come.

      Please take two minutes to watch this video starring actor-activist Danny Glover sharing his personal story about the importance of the Postal Service.

      Then share the video and the Grand Alliance statement on Facebook, Twitter, and with your personal email lists. Encourage your friends and associates to do the same, and know that you have made a difference to protect this beloved American institution.

      In solidarity,

      Connie Leak

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